our wines


All our wines are made the traditional way. We close all our bottles with corks from sustainable farms. This is not only just a sustainable and great way of sealing the bottles, but, best of all, you get the pop.


To make our sparking classic cuvée, we start by using one of our base wines from our own high quality fruit grown on the estate. We then bottle this, adding yeast and sugar to start the second ferment.

The bottles are then left on the lees for nine to 18 months. Afterwards, they are each hand disgorged using the à la volée method. Then a dosage is added, and they are
left for a further three months, during which time, the marriage of flavours establishes itself. After that, they are available for sale.


This is made using our own Cabernet Cortis grapes. When picked, the grapes are crushed and then fermented on the skins for three to four weeks to extract as much colour and tannins as possible from the fruit.

We then press the skins to release the juice and, when we have the required amount, blend the pressed juice and the free run juice. Once pressed, the juice undergoes a malolactic ferment, giving the wine a more buttery, slightly savoury feel.

Once complete, we then take half the wine goes into our French oak barrels to age for up to a year, and the other half is bottled and prepared for sale.

solaris white wine bronze award winner


Our Bronze award winning white wine.

Like our other wines, we use handpicked and hand-processed grapes from our estate for our white wine. We begin by crushing them through our crusher/de-stemmer to release the free fun juice – which is the best quality to go into a classic cuvée.

The crushed grapes then go into the press to release the rest of the juice. When we have that, we ferment it to dryness, and leave it to mature in the tanks for three months before bottling.